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Wireless Phone Photo Printer

Wireless Phone Photo Printer

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Product Features 

1, low noise, fast print speeds 

2, high print quality 

3, can print high quality pictures

4, compact and lightweight, attractive appearance 

5, reasonable structure, easy to install paper, easy maintenance 

6, Can support Mobile phone wireless printing, printing and support more cell phone Connecting a printer 

7, support of different densities bitmap graphics printing machine download 

8, low power consumption, low running costs, no ribbons, ink cartridges 



MEMOBIRD 58mm highlights 

1, high-speed, high-life, high-quality, low repair rate

2, Support Download Logo trademark Print 


Use scope:

1, black and white photo printing, restore ancient ways photos

2, print cartoon, little story

3, print memos

4, print the meeting record

5, print notes

6, printed record of life

7, printing businesses coupons

8, the printing paper

9, print the barcode

10, print bills


Product Care 

1, the thermal print head is heating parts, when a print job during printing or just after, do not touch the print head and the surrounding parts 

2, do not touch the print head surface, so as to avoid electrostatic damage to the print head, the printer may not be in the state without printing paper, otherwise serious damage to the print head. 

3, the print head overheating protection function, when the temperature rose too high, the printer goes offline printer stops printing, the status indicator light, when the temperature decreases printer, the printer automatically continue printing back online. 


Packing Contents: 1 x MEMOBIRD WiFi Printer, 1 x Printer Paper, 1 x USB Cable


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